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About Us


We take pride in your message and know when something is personalized, it cherished! 

In our current society, we know how important it is to keep family memories intact. Permanently engraving on ‘almost any’ type of medium to help families showcase ALL generations.

Why personalize? 


Experience + Excellence

Bought a  CNC about 10 years ago and was involved with an organization working with school children, teaching preparation and wood working. Participated in Red Deer’s Home Show for numerous years working with the kids.

Laser engraving is now an extension of the CNC world but offers many more opportunities and being able to work in many different mediums.

About KW Lazerworks

About Keith:  


Aircraft engineer, (12 years), and pilot (35 years). After retiring from flying in 2011, embarked in management, Safety, Flight Operations, Quality Assurance (FOQA), Investigations and corrective actions and investigations.

About Pat:

My grandfather introduced me to the world of carving 

and engraving at about the ripe age of six. He gave me a 

jackknife, taught me how to carve wood, and I have been 

hooked on carving ever since.


Later in life I moved into mechanical carving on eggs, wood, 

and any medium requested by the customer. After a few years 

I added a CNC machine to the business, making game boards, 

wall plaques, etc. I now carve whatever someone asks for 

in whatever medium they request.


To me, Laser Engraving and Etching is the next logical step. 

I feel that my carving experience, linked with many years 

of being a professional salesperson and sales trainer, 

are a perfect fit with the exciting world of Laser Engraving and Etching.

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